The Rain

Normally I don’t write poetry like this; I’m used to writing jokey limericks for my friends but I wanted to try something that was a bit more me. Where I live right now it’s hot and dry. The grass is brown and the sky is a boring blue that seems to stretch on for forever. I miss the autumn: where the grass was a vibrant green and the leaves were purple and orange and everything was so fresh and healthy. Even when the sky was grey it was sort of beautiful, with all of the different greys swirling together like a tornado. I like when the weather’s warm and sunny and stuff but I want weather with more life in it, so I wrote this. Living vicariously through my writing?

The rain is wet
Against my skin
Soaking my hair
Yet I can’t help
But love how free
It makes me feel
Across my face a grin
The smell of freshness
And something else
Too hard to describe
That makes me feel like
And laughing
Whilst spinning though the rain
Laughing my head off
No care in the world
The joy so clear on my face
Whilst everybody
Sits dripping
Miserable at their windows
Waiting for the sun
To come out
And wondering
How I can find
Such beauty
In a shower of rain
And murky skies
That seem to envelope the world
In grey.


About oxalicexo

I'm a fourteen year old girl living in South East England. I like reading, writing (though I'm not all that good) listening to music etc. I come from a big family, four sisters and one brother. My favourite flowers are tulips and my favourite holiday is Christmas.
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